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About weRow.com Guide

weRow.com Guide is a web-based water guide that has been specifically designed according to rower's requirements. Key asset of weRow.com Guide is its dynamic nature: Water information is being collected over a long period of time, while being maintained by a large number of interested users on a day-to-day basis. weRow.com is the source for recent water information and delivers interactive maps, printable route descriptions as well for boat houses as for rowing tours and data interfaces to third-party systems or hardware such as GPS navigators.
For hints regarding weRow.com Tourmanager, which is based on weRow.com Guide, please refer to this page.


weRow.com Guide uses the following terms:

  • Water
    water types can be river, channel, lake or coast.
  • Section
    In order to facilitate water data management, waters can be subdivided into sections. For example, the head water of a river with slow current might have descending chainage, while its underflow might be tide-depending with ascending chainage. Once two waters are submitted with identical names, the system will automatically ask for section names. In case a water consists of only one section, it is not necessary to explicitly name this section. The section name may be altered later. Properties such as chainage type, currence or side names (right/left vs. west/east etc.) may be defined. In addition, a map view can be defined per section.
  • Landmark
    Landmarks are used to describe water characteristics in detail. For a list of available landmark types, please review the legend of any weRow.com water map. Defining a new landmark requires at least a landmark name and water chainage. In addition, address information, picture and geodata may be submitted. Geodata is necessary to display the landmark in weRow.com maps. It can be determined just by a single mouse click.
  • Stage
    For a more structured water overview, or in order to prepare rowing tours, stages may be specified by providing a start and a finish landmark. weRow.com Guide will automatically calculate total stage distance as well as distance of landmarks from stage start and number of locks / barrages. After specifying stage information, the print view will be adapted accordingly. Stages can be defined within a single water section. After saving stages, the can be concatenated to day trips and rowing tours by via the weRow.com Tourmanager.


weRow.com Guide provides different views on water information:

  • List view
    Main part of the list view is a table of all submitted landmarks. In case geodata has been submitted for a landmark, it will be displayed within a summary map above the table. In addition, an interactive mini map will be displayed in the landmark table row. There are different view options (map, satellite or hybrid) available for the mini maps, which can be selected in the table header. [example]. The mini map view option can be specified independently from the view option of the summary map. In case mini maps cause a too heavy work load on your computer, we recommend to set the list view to show more than 20 items per page. Mini maps are displayed only for up to 20 items per page.
  • Map view
    The map view displays a larger water map instead of the landmark table. Moving the mouse over a landmark icon will open an information window with detailed landmark information. In case multiple sections are defined for a water, currently inactive sections will be displayed by pastel-colored icons. Clicking any of those pastel-colored icons will switch the map view to the related water section. [example]. From the map view, maps can be opened in a stand-lone window. This facilitates the integration of maps in any external web site [example].
  • Virtual rowing tour
    Submitted landmark pictures can be viewed as a slide show, which starts after clicking on one of the images in the list view. [example].
  • Print view
    In order to print route descriptions for trail rowing or for the boat house white board, a print layout is available by clicking on the printer icon in the map or list view. It is recommended to specify a stage before opening the print view. [example].
  • KML Export
    Water information can be exported as KML file in order to be postprocessed in various ways [Beispiel].


Because anybody can submit water information, related data needs to be reviewed before being published. This will be done either by the weRow.com team or by a designated water sponsor. weRow.com is aiming to assign regional sponsors (i.e. persons that know the water muh better than the weRow.com team) to as many waters as possible. Sponsorships can be obtained by editing a 'free' water and ticking the sponsorship checkbox. By the way: Being a sponsor does not cause high work load, and dropping a sponsorship is just as easy as obtaining it.

Editing and Reviewing

Water information can be altered and reviewed at any time. While water sponsors and owners of landmarks are allowed to directly edit related information, other users (such as anonymous visitors) may submit change requests. Suggested changes will be reviewed by a sponsor or by a weRow.com administrator before being published. Edit features can be accessed from list and map view.

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