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weRow.com Crewmanager

Information on weRow.com Crewmanager

Can we go out in the Eight this week end?

Do we have a complete team?

Do we have a cox?

weRow.com Crew Manager is a forum for efficiently planning rowing training events with a defined team size. A set of dates will be offered to a pool of rowers (the crew), until the target team size is reached. A sample crew can be found here.
weRow.com Crew Manager contains email messaging functionality, thus you have to log in before using it. So just log in, enter a crew or even create a crew of your own!

Crewmanager features overview

Crewmanager features overview
Crewmanager features overview

Create your own crew

Creating a crew of your own is simple. Just click the 'new crew' button that can be found in the weRow.com club database after searching for your favorite rowing club. Alternatively, you can click here and select your club from a dropdown list. A related form will open and ask for a couple of definitions:

  • Crew name - just specify any name you like.

  • Crew description- enter a crew description of your choice in order to inform others on the purpose of your crew.

  • Crew homepage - in case you are operating an own homepage for this crew, you can enter the URL.

  • Team size - please enter the target value for the number of participants per time slot. Participants will be notified by email once the size per slot is reached.

  • Crew type - can be set to either MINIMUM or MAXIMUM. MINIMUM will allow additional participants to sign up for a slot even in case the target team size is already reached.

After that, you can add time slots to your crew and invite users to join your crew. Of course, you can join your own crew as well. In order to facilitate the invitation process, weRow.com Crewmanager allows to send related emails to your friends, please find the related button in top right hand corner of the Crewmanager box.
Going forward, you can easily find your crew either by querying for your club in the club database or by visiting your myWeRow.com page.

Manage your crew

Once other users have joined your crew, you can contact them by email using the crew broadcast functionality. Once crew members have signed up for a time slot, you can contact them as well using a similar broacast email functionality. The difference between crew broadcast an slot broadcast is that the latter one is only targeting those users who actually signed up for a specific slot. Last, but not least, you can attach a note to each crew member, e.g. for specifying trainers, coxes, or starboard / port preferences for each crew member.

Manage time slots / events

You can easily accept or decline time slots by clicking either the red or the green button in the related crew matrix field. Accepting a slot will send a notification message to the crew administrator or, in case the target team size is reached, to all participants of the related slot in order to let them know that the event will take place. Declining a slot will cause a notification message to be sent to everybody else who already accepted the slot.

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